Covid-19 updates

Due to the COVID-19 Virus as you know we are closed BUT GOOD NEWS, we are doing "TO GO Beverages" If you need a 6Pack, 18 Pack, 24 Pack or a Bottle or Two you can stop up Monday-Friday from 4PM to 6PM!!!!! If in need on a Saturday or Sunday PLEASE CALL Brenda @ 406-425-2348 and I will do my best to get the "PROVISONS" you need!! ALSO Tomorrow night I will have "JELLO SHOTS" as well! Hope to see you all soon and during this time if you could we would appreciate you HELPING YOUR Club! As for now we are hoping for a reopen date of April 11TH! We have CANCELLED ALL EVENTS through April 10th. In House still on for now on April 25th. 10AM!!!